Grilled Corn in Foil

July 18, 2016
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Grilled Corn in Foil |
Serves 4 People
Prep time

I like my corn wrapped in foil and grilled vs. grilled in the husk.  It’s easier to unwrap the foil and you can season the corn before grilling it.  This corn is great as a side or cut off the cob and added on a salad.

Swap butter for oil olive for a different flavor or add pepper flakes to make it spicy!

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Grilled Corn in Foil
Recipe Notes

Add red pepper flakes onto corn for a spicy twist.

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  • 4
    Corn on the cob, husked
  • 1/4 Cup
    Olive Oil
  • Salt and Pepper to taste


  1. Preheat grill to medium-high heat

  2. Place a cob in the center of a heavy aluminum foil wrap. Sprinkle with desired amount of salt and pepper and olive oil. Wrap foil around corn and fold ends.

    Grilled Corn in Foil |
  3. Place wraps on grill and turn frequently until corn is tender, 20 mins.

    Grilled Corn in Foil |
  4. Remove from grill, be careful unwrapping corn from foil. Serve immediately and enjoy!

    Grilled Corn in Foil |

1 review for Grilled Corn in Foil

  1. Agnes Bumgarner


    Simple but delicious. Great idea!

    • Inci


      Thank you!!

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