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Eating Healthy

Eating Healthy

When you hear the words organic, gluten-free, GMO free, do you think dollar signs? Does buying those “specialty” foods put a bigger hole in your wallet? Why do you think that is so?

That mindset is not always accurate.  Organic, gluten-free, GMO free foods aren’t always more expensive.  It all depends on where and when you are buying them.  It also depends on if you are looking for store and manufacture coupons!  Healthier foods tend to come from smaller production lines or local factories where the food is being processed at low volumes.  Low volume could mean higher cost due to higher “piece” cost of the product.  It can also seem like it cost more because the quality of the starting product is better.  Processed foods (the generic canned meats, soups, etc.) tend to be high volume production and always seem to be on sale at the store.  Do you know what kind of meat or what grade meat went into that can of ham?  No, you do not….

BUT, is it really more expensive to be healthy?  That’s just a myth, that’s my personal opinion.  Eating healthy means eating less meat, eating more bean based proteins, and buying more vegetable and fruits to fill up.  Dry bags of beans are cheap and you can even try to buy it in bulk to save a few dollars.  That’s much healthier than binge eating junk food you’ll end up eating more of.   How many people have sat there and gone through a whole bag of chips in one sitting?  I won’t deny it, I have.  Doesn’t mean I’m proud of it.

With that said, how is eating healthier cheaper?  Follow these few simple steps:

  • Plant your own herb and fruit or veggie garden
  • Shop at your local farmers markets
  • Pick your own fruits and veggies at your local farms
    • Summer is a great time to find your local strawberry farms! Sounds like a fun family activity too.
  • Pickle, can, or freeze your fruits, herbs, and vegetables before they spoil
  • Buy dry beans instead of canned goods (they keep longer and keep as prettier decoration in your kitchen in mason jars)
  • Bake your own breads, biscuits, and desserts
    • Nothing beats homemade warm buttermilk biscuits vs. the Pillsbury dough boy kind. Sorry dough boy!
  • Make your own stocks and cooked chicken!

Have fun making your own healthy foods.  Eating healthy helps having a happy, healthier you!  It also could mean less doctor visits from high cholesterol or high blood pressure issues.  If you have kids, it promotes healthier kids too.

Check out Bella’s Apron for some other homemade recipes!  What other ideas do you have to help promote healthy eating without breaking the bank?

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